JM Perry Learning

Leveraging Human Behavior
Dr. Mitchell PerryJM Perry Learning is a recognized expert in the field of human performance. We provide speaking presentations, training courses, executive coaching sessions, and a wide array of other group activities and learning media titles to help our clients worldwide leverage their performance and business opportunities.

JM Perry Learning's mission is to leverage human performance. Our programs have been presented in 37 countries in 12 industries with outstanding results. Dr. Perry’s clients have realized well over $3 billion in increased revenues by incorporating his teachings and adopting highly effective interpersonal changes and performance skills.

JM Perry is all about connecting improved behavior with bottom line results:
  • When people improve their behavior, organizations get better results
  • The behaviors that most often need improvement are communication and performance
  • We help organizations get the results they want by improving the way their people communicate and perform

JM Perry: "The Importance of Discipline."